Pawn Gold NYC


Welcome to, we are NYC’s leading pawn shop with the lowest interest rates in the business. Come in and bring your gold and get a 1% introductory loan. We loan for any and all gold items you have. We are interested in gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bracelets, bullions, bars, scrap, broken, tangled, mangled, dental,fillings,crowns,caps and more.

If you have any gold we offer the easiest process for getting a cash loan on your gold. Simply call to set up an appointment or walk in any day from Monday thru Saturday from 10am to 6pm. We test and weigh your gold and based upon the current price of gold we will loan you the full amount that its worth. You must bring a photo ID as well and fill out a quick short form.

You can also call us for an over the phone ball park quote as well. We are located in NYC in the Diamond District and been in the gold and diamond business for over 30 years. We also buy and pawn silver, platinum, watches, diamonds, coins, antique and estate jewelry as well.

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